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Unraveling the unknown mechanical propertiesof nano- and micro-sized materials

Elucidation of the mechanical properties of tiny materials creates the bright future

In recent years, nano- and micro-sized materials have been used not only in smartphones and personal computers, but also in power devices, sensors, and other products. Their impact extends to the energy industry, maintenance management business, and many other areas. However, since the properties of nano- and micro-sized materials are unknown, daily research is required.

In this laboratory, we are investigating the mechanical properties of nano- and micro-sized materials. In addition, we are interested in the coupling effects between various physical (ferroelectricity, magnetism, etc.) and mechanical properties of nano-sized materials (multiphysics properties) , and in the design and evaluation of mechanical properties of metamaterials.

Nano-/Micro-mechanics Nano-/Micro-mechanics Nano-/Micro-mechanics Nano-/Micro-mechanics 

research equipment

The latest equipment realizes high quality research activities

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest facilities and equipment, such as transmission electron microscopes and scanning electron microscopes, which enable us to analyze and evaluate various properties of nano- and micro-sized materials. You can concentrate on your research in a well-equipped work environment.

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